Why I and other Escorts Don’t Show Our Faces

           I often I get the question, ” Why don’t you show your face?” Or comments online like “You must be ugly if you blur out your face.” Or “I would NEVER see someone who doesn’t show their face.” Well… I just have to say, you’re missing out on what could be one of the best experiences you can have with a young adventurous woman.



           To answer one of these questions, no it’s not because I’m ugly. I’m often told I look better than my photos the first and ongoing times I see someone. Which is wild because it’s blurry 😉 haha but really, the choice for me to not show my face is for privacy. I do so to protect myself and so do many other escorts. 

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            We have families, husbands, wives, children, jobs… we have important lives. Just like you. Some of us are teachers, nannies, work in a professional  environments etc. And showing our faces can get us fired, harassed or worse. That’s not to even mention the scrutiny we may go through with our families.
              I know ladies who have been disowned because of this work and have loved ones leave them because of it. And now with more facial recognition software out there, it is also easier for us to get stopped at borders and restricted from entering other countries. This has been the case when some use their passports to confirm their Identities with ads, and I don’t doubt facial recognition will play a big part in this in the next few years.
            Think of what would happen if you were to show who you are on your Twitter or profiles you use to contact us and comment on our posts. What would happen if all of your family found out? Your employer? Your children?
             Personally I’m a college student and chances are, I’d be kicked out of school if I were to show my face and were to be exposed to my University… which reminds me… please don’t ask what University I attend. I feel bad saying I can’t tell you, but I really can’t, it puts me too much at risk.
           Some Escorts choose to show their face and I have nothing but respect for those who do. You can not imagine the back and forth they had between themselves with deciding to do so. Some are out to their families, other do this full time, but still they have lives outside of this world which could be affected if everyone knew they were an escort, so as a side note: please don’t call them out if you see them in a public place outside of your time with them.
            All I ask is that you all respect our right to privacy as we do yours, because we all just like you have things on the line when in this world.
Xxx Ericka