Who and why do people see escorts?

    The people who seek out escorts come from all brinks of life.

They are your neighbors, your friends, your accountant, your boss, and yes, maybe even your parents! There is no particular type of person who sees an escort. Our clients can vary from the postman who delivers your mail, to the senator you voted into office. From the person who sold you your car, to the Athlete you were rooting for at last night’s game. A similar thing can be said about who escorts are, but I will touch on that in another article  


Clients of escorts come from different backgrounds, ethnicity, sexual orientations, and genders… yes… genders. While the majority of people who see escorts are men, a good number of female and trans clients seek us out as well.


 But why? Why do people seek out escorts?

 Many people believe others see escorts solely for a wham bam thank you mham, however it’s not that black and white, but every color of the rainbow. And I am happy to show you that rainbow!                     



Intimacy: Of course this is the first thing that comes to people’s minds when thinking of an escort. Intimacy. Sometimes they don’t receive it from home and need to get it somewhere else. Other times their schedule is really hectic and they don’t have time to date or go to a bar and try to pick up someone. Many times, they just want to have fun and have a good time and there is nothing wrong with this!     


No Strings: There are others who see us because they don’t want all the negative things a normal relationship brings. Escorts bring all the positives that a relationship has and creates a world where there are very little to no worries when with us. 


Companionship: Some people who see us only want a friend and someone who they can talk with or cuddle. People get lonely sometimes and when they need a friend to enjoy every day things with, like going to the zoo or museums, they can always call that special escort to share that time with.       


A Listener: Often times, people don’t feel listened to in their day to day lives and an escort is the perfect person to come to and vent, get advice and feel good about oneself.                            


Just the thrill of it: Some people see us… well… just to say they’ve seen us!                            


Fantasies: Many people see us to act out fantasies they may not be able to act out due to either being afraid of their partner’s reaction, their partner not willing to do such a thing, or not having someone in their personal life to do it with.                      


Dinner: Some clients only want to have someone to talk with and take out to a nice lunch or dinner on occasion. Intimacy is not always involved. Many people also enjoy hiring escorts as arm candy at company dinners, events and even family gatherings.               


Traveling: Not everybody wants to travel alone. There are many people who hire escorts to go on work trips or vacation with them to keep them company. 


The people who see us come from all walks of life and do it for a spectrum of reasons. We are listeners, lovers, friends, and we provide so much more than many think, and I hope I’ve shown you that today. 


Xxx Ericka