How to Book a Date with an Independent Escort in the United States


         I’m active on a few different websites, most I am anonymous on, but get contacted all the time about how to see me, or other escorts in different parts of the country.

Whether you are a native here or just in the States on business, you should know it will be more difficult to book an escort here than just about anywhere else in the world.


        Why is this? Well escorting in the United States is LEGAL, as we are only selling our time (keep this in mind.) However escorting is often linked with prostitution (which is ILLEGAL) by authorities in the States which is (often wrongfully) linked to Sex Trafficking… hence FOSTA/SESTA… but that’s a whole nother subject.


           Even though escorting is Legal, escorts can still be arrested and prosecuted for prostitution in the United States. In addition to this, we must protect ourselves from violent criminals and people who want to harm us. So we have to take extra steps to protect ourselves and our clients. In order to do this, most escorts (the good ones!) require screening in order to see them. Some require light screening and some heavy. I will get to this in a bit, but first let’s start with the first few steps.


1.)  Find an Escort you would like to see. There are various ways to accomplish this. The main way is to go on advertising websites to find reputable providers. Most are really bad since FOSTA/SESTA, so I can only recommend three sites at the moment which I trust.


                                                              i.      This site was created and is run by Escorts. This is the number 1 site that I highly recommend finding a provider in your city for. The website is easy to navigate, and they are escort friendly! 


                                     i.      This site has been up and coming and starting to be the “go to” to finding new providers in your area.


                              i.  This is another equally good advertising site to find escorts in your area on.


                                                              i.      While this is not explicitly an escort advertising site, many escorts have active social medias and share fellow escorts content. You can find reputable providers here, as well as keep up with their tours, day to day lives, and selfies! 

2.)  Once you have found the escort you’d like to see, read their ad, website, and/or social media thoroughly.

a.      If you’d like to verify they are real, a good way to do this is roam their twitter feed or look for selfies in their photo gallery on their website. Most fakes or LE will not have a website or active social media.

b.     Do NOT ask them for a verified selfie. While very few escorts will do this, most will not and cut off contact with you completely as you will come off as a time waster.

3.)  After going through and reading their ad/website entirely, send them a text/email/phone call providing all the information they require you to provide for screening*. Most will list this in their ads or website.

a.      If an escort does NOT require screening, this is a RED flag. Do not see them as they do not care about their safety or it could be LE. I would never encourage this in the United States.

b.     Do NOT send simply “Hi” “You available?” or “Hey Sexy” messages. Most escorts will not reply to this, as mainly time wasters send these kinds of messages. Be respectful and send them what they ask for.

*Screening information: Information that an escort requires from you to verify you are who you say you are and are safe to see.

4.)  After submitting the information to the escort, wait for them to verify and contact you back. If they require more information, please provide it as they may have not been able to verify you with the information you initially provided.

a.      If they never get back to you (be patient as they may be busy,) but if they are just flaky, repeat the process with a different provider you would like to see.

5.)  Provide a deposit if they require one. I have read posts on some of the forums I’m on who say don’t provide a deposit. I highly disagree with this. If you see a provider who is reputable, has a decent website, and is active on social media, they will NOT risk their reputation and business to steal a small deposit. Just make sure the lady you’re sending it to is reputable.

        And there you go! After you have done this, you should have a successful date with the escort of your dreams (hopefully!) I wish you luck, and smiles all day and night long.



Xoxo Ericka