How to Become an Escort in 2018 post SESTA & FOSTA (USA)


How, with everything going on (FOSTA, SESTA and all the hatred,) to become an escort in 2018? That’s a hard question to answer. With many sites being shut down that many escorts used to generate business, (Backpage, The Erotic Review, Cityvibe, Craigslist… etc.) makes it extremely difficult to tap in the market now. But the one of the main questions is, is it still possible?…. Or even worth the time? 


What the Market Looks like Now 


Currently, many escorts are getting fewer and fewer clients due to new laws like FOSTA and SESTA shutting down advertising sites and scaring away clientele. Quite a few has resorted back to street walking, which happens to be more dangerous than advertising on the internet. I know some working ladies who are quitting the industry altogether or at least until it eases up a bit. So with all the chaos happening around and many ladies struggling, it may not be the best time to enter the business. However, if you are truly determined or this is your only option, here are a few tips. 


#1 Do NOT skip out on Screening!  


I can not stress this enough, SCREEN your clients!!! 


This is my number one rule and should not be taken lightly. There have been many incidents after the industry went down hill with many providers who are not screening getting robbed, beaten, raped, and even worse, KILLED. So please, please thoroughly screen your potential clients as you never know if they may be blacklisted, have a criminal record, LE, or just a made up person. So I ask you, if you care at all about your personal safety, SCREEN YOUR 



I know times can be dry, and looser screening may get a couple extra clients in your door. But would you rather get that extra 2 or 3 clients and then possibly end up like one of the women I described on that 3rd, 4th, or possibly 1st client you didn’t screen?  

Safety over money ladies and gentlemen. 


#2 Learn the terms in the Industry 


You definitely don’t want to agree to something beforehand, and realize you would never do such a thing in a million years! BBFS does not mean Better Budget Financial Services in the Adult Industry my friend. And you definitely don’t want to say you offer things you don’t even understand. Here’s a link to mostly all you need to know about the industry’s abbreviations.


#3 Set up your own website 


Setting up a website can help you show that you’re a professional escort and not someone just testing the waters or a newbie. It will help you stand out and also help clients know you aren’t LE setting up a sting. LE would not spend money and time setting up a website and making it look nice to catch 1 or 2 Johns.  


On your site you should include a bit of information about yourself to let clients know a little about you and your personality. Post professional photos and selfies so your client knows you’re real and you look like, or very similar to your professional ones. This all goes a long way, and can get you some amazing and loyal clients.  


Be sure to include an etiquette page on your site to state your rules, a donations page, and if you’d like, a screening page. I find having a screening page makes screening go a whole lot easier when the client fills out the entire form. I also give priority to clients who do this as it saves a lot of back and forth. 


#4 Advertise 


What’s the point of having a website if no one sees it? I know it’s hard to at the moment, but there are still sites out there where you can advertise. is still a site that is up and running, and I personally advertise there. I will say be weary, as they are known now to take up to a month to post new ads, they are banning people left and right now, and are really expensive. But I will say, 1 client from Eros pays for the advertising right off the bat (depending what you charge of course.) Also I warn you they have been a bit fishy lately. is back up, however I have never used this service and can not give any negatives or positives on it. is still running. I have used adultsearch before, and will say I do not like the site very much as it only brought me time wasters and men who are disrespectful. I do think this is regioned based as I know some escorts and get good clients from adultsearch in other states. HOWEVER they are requiring video and credit card verification now, which they did not do before and are taking weeks to verify. They have also tripled their advertising price. is still up and running, but I will say I got nothing but time wasters from that site. I would still put an ad up, because nothing beats free advertising, but be weary. is still up as well. I will warn you, customer service for this site is very bad, but not as bad as Eros or adult search is right now. Eroticmonkey has been know to put up fake profiles and reviews or steal escorts photos and put them up.  


#5 Create a Social Media Account 


Another way of advertising and connecting with future clientele is using Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram. Each interface is easy to navigate and you can create a profile on each one within 2 minutes! 


This also helps show that you are legitimate and gives clients a way to know a bit more about you. You can use it as a regular account and just post random things you like and information about your escorting, or you can have it be strictly about you escorting. Also posting the occasional sexy selfie will drive your followers wild!  




I want to say overall ladies, just be safe, have fun, and take care of yourselves. I wish you the best of luck!


Xoxo Ericka