Don’t Just Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk – Why Escorts Require Deposits

Don’t be all bark and no bite, all crown no filling, all icing no cake, all sizzle no steak… You get the point.

Escorts are constantly contacted by many people we like to call “Time Wasters.” A time waster is someone who contacts an escort with no intention to book, but only to waste our time by:

  • Soliciting us for free photos/videos

  • Trying to talk dirty to get off via messaging or phone calls

  • Making an appointment and then not showing up

  • Always promising to book, but never do

For many escorts, escorting is the main form of income and how we make our living. So it’s right to assume that we absolutely hate when people like this contact us.

What many people don’t see and realize is all the time, work and preparation we put into our business. We spend hundreds and some thousands of dollars on advertising, hotels, flights and our websites. We put in many hours of work into replying to emails, phone calls, messaging and not to mention the hours we spend preparing for a date and cleaning up after one.

There are many people out there who tend to book and not show. We call these people No Shows (NS) When this happens, we lose out on hundreds of dollars that we spent on transportation, accommodation, and for tours, flights. In addition to this, we may have turned down other clientele to see someone who decided not to show and therefor lose out on hundreds if not thousands of dollars from the missed appointment or the other potential client.


For these reasons, many escorts require deposits and screening. Screening however doesn’t always guarantee someone will show up to a date. Typically when someone first starts escorting, they don’t take deposits. This is because they have yet to experience the pain and loss of money of someone pretending to book and not show, promising to book and never do, or showing up to an empty hotel room or home after driving, sometimes hours, to a date.

After these experiences, many escorts start requiring deposits as a guarantee or incentive that the client will show. This is in addition to being a safety net and a way to cover the initial cost of hotels and transportation. This way the loss and damage is not so harsh if someone decides to cancel the appointment or just not call and not show.

However some clients worry that an escort will take their deposit and run. This will most likely not happen if you book with a reputable provider who has multiple advertisements, a website, and is active on social media. No reputable escort will risk their reputation and career to steal a deposit. It’s just not worth it.

I’ve seen escorts go on tour without requiring deposits, have many appointments scheduled after screening, and then have most, and sometimes all of the clients not show. Therefor costing them thousands of dollars and days they spent on their tour. This can be devastating, especially if the escort was relying on those appointments to cover rent that month, pay for food for their family, or pay bills that are due soon.

I’ve personally lost thousands of dollars over time due to people being time wasters and not showing after I’ve paid for hotels and transportation. But I’ve learned my lesson and will no longer see any new client without a deposit.

This is why I and many escorts now require deposits. So please don’t argue about paying it, screen with no hassle, and be kind and respectful to your future companion. We go through so much and we’re just trying to be as safe and efficient as possible.

If we’re happy, you’re happy.

Xxx Ericka